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About Us

Bakers Maple was born in 1982 when Reed Baker started out with a small pan over a wood fire and 75 buckets. From the first year of production with just 50 gallons of maple syrup to the present production level of over 2000 gallons per season, Bakers Maple has expanded and grown to meet the needs of our loyal customer base. Baker’s Maple was then purchased by Brian and Melody Bush in July of 2017, and our products are now available in their physical store Upstate Harvest in Bainbridge, NY as well as our online store for purchase across the United States. Sap is collected locally each spring from thousands of sugar maple trees over a 20 mile radius of woodlands. The sap is collected daily and boiled down to syrup in their multiple pan evaporator system that produces around 20 gallons of syrup per hour. Once the syrup is made and filtered it is stored in stainless steel drums to await bottling in our classical glassware or being turned into some of our tasty maple products like our natural maple sugar or our sweet homestyle granola!



Melody & Brian Bush
1 Freoit Avenue
Bainbridge, New York, 13733